We love interiors and we’re not afraid to admit it. At Blue Door Barns Interiors we believe that where you live affects how you live and that if you surround yourself with beauty, you’ll smile more often. And we like smiles.

After years of being asked by friends and guests 'where did you buy that'? and 'what colour is that paint'? or 'how did you make that?', we decided to offer a full interior design service from one room to whole houses or larger. We are happy to either come up with a full design and colour scheme or to take our lead from you. Often a design can be inspired by something as simple as a favourite colour or object, maybe a photograph, a great view or even just a memory.

Tell us what moves you and we’ll create a space that you never want to leave.

There’s not much we enjoy more than a rummage around a flea market or antiques fair so we’re always well placed to find that elusive gem that transforms a room. You might know exactly what you’re looking for and you might have no idea, either way we’ll be able to source it for you.

We work with a large team of professional and dedicated craftsmen and women to ensure that everything is of the highest quality at the best prices. We’ve been working with these people for a long time, so you can rest assured that you’re getting a fair deal and quality workmanship. We understand that our workspace is your home, so we ensure that we know everyone we send into that space and that they are respectful. No one’s going to ask you to make them a cup of tea!

If you need any advice, like our style and want to create a beautiful home or space, we’re happy to come and see you and give you an idea of what we could do.

Visit our sister website, Blue Door Barns Interiors for more information.