Blue Door Barns Riding Packages

We offer several riding packages to suit different levels of experience but aim to ensure that, whatever your level, you get to enjoy the stunning South Downs on horseback. Our riding packages are most suitable for beginners, returners to riding and those wanting to experience The South Downs from horseback, rather than the advanced/experienced riders. We have teamed up with the fantastic Three Greys Riding School situated 20 minutes from our door and backing directly onto the Downs, which means idyllic hacking for all. Hats and boots can be provided.

The Weekend Options

1) One hour lesson, or 30 minute group lesson followed by 30 minute group trail ride on day one

One hour Downs Ride on day two with group (suitable for real beginners)

Price per person - £80.00

2) One hour lesson, and/or 30 minute lesson followed by 30 minute trail ride on day one

Two hour Downs Ride on day two

Price per person - £105.00

3) If you don't want to ride on both days of your stay with us, you could opt for just the lesson and short hack, or one of the Downs Ride.

Price per person - from £40.00

Bespoke Week Day Riding

If you are able to come and stay during the week we can book you in for a combination of lessons and riding.

Priced from £40.00 with 30 min private lessons and hacks available.

To enquire about a Blue Door Barns riding experience Click Here.

If any of the riding packages are cancelled with less than 48 hours notice, please note that full payment will be required.